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Chris Petter

Owner / Broker



Chris is the founder of Revive Realty. Chris became a licensed Realtor in 2003 and a licensed broker in early 2016. Chris has spent countless hours on his real estate education in order to provide the correct guidance and counsel to his clients. He prides himself on the knowledge he has about all things real estate, Chris never stops learning. Chris doesn’t only help his clients move, he is a serial house buyer himself. He has moved 8 times in his 16 years of marriage and also enjoys the world of real estate investing through fixing and selling homes. This helps Chris understand the remodel process that many of his buyers dream about while house hunting. So whether you are a first time home buyer, looking for a retirement home or wanting to invest in real estate, Chris can help.

Andy Miller

Realtor / Co-Founder



Andy, co-founder of Revive Realty, brings his dedication and energy into residential real estate in West Michigan. He moved to Grand Rapids after graduating from Central Michigan University. The food and culture in Grand Rapids caught his attention and he took to the kitchen to learn the science and art of the culinary industry. This training ingrained a strong sense of teamwork, attention to detail, and a driving work ethic. Leading him into real estate was his desire to serve others by offering guidance and being a champion for those looking for a place to call home.